About Us

Birchwood interiors is a company which has grown and prospered because of its attention to detail, innovative designs, consistent quality and “good old fashioned honesty”, making it one of the most reputable kitchen and bedroom retailers in the area.

Started in 2001 a family run business with over 50 years experience in the kitchen and bedroom industry meaning we have the knowledge and expertise to offer help and support to meet our customers every need.

Birchwood is one of two Companies in our group; the other is our manufacturing site in Weston Stafford. The commitment to quality permeates through every stage of the construction process, from planning to assembly, only when we are completely satisfied that the finished product meets our standards do we deliver them to your home.

We have an extensive showroom here in Macclesfield with the most up to date appliances and technology on the market today. We can carry out projects from start to finish as we have a full team of local quality craftsmen. We have an extensive portfolio so you can see the extent we go to in turning your dream into reality and the most satisfying fact is that most of our orders come from personal recommendations.

Our flexibility enables us to design and manufacture kitchens, bedrooms and home offices right through to bespoke items such as entertainment centres and complete games rooms.

Our thorough knowledge of our business allows us to assure you of our best attention at all times.

Our cabinets

Our cabinets are manufactured in our factory and are produced to the highest standards using only top quality materials. They are carefully assembled to maintain their rigidity throughout their life.

We are very flexible in our approach to customer requirements therefore we can accommodate anything from standard size cabinets through to bespoke furniture.

Bespoke is employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification. While applied to many items now, the distinguishing points of bespoke are the buyer's total control of customisation, and involvement in the production of the goods.

More generally, bespoke describes furniture as traditionally drafted from scratch for the customer, and then made-to-measure, to a high quality in the factory.

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